Heckman, Heather


I am a Moving Image Archival Administrator with a background in Film History and Library & Information Studies. My own research is on the history of motion picture film technology. I am interested in cultural heritage science approaches to preservation, and in applying quantitative methods to humanities topics. I am also interested in learning more about our archive's users.

Biographical Profile

College University Libraries
Department University Libraries
Phone 803-777-3277
Tenure Status Tenure Track

Interest Background

Do you include students in your research?
Interest Keywords
USC Libraries, Digital Humanities, Cultural Heritage Science, User Studies
Institutional Focus Areas
Arts and Humanities
Personal Focus Areas
Film History, Moving Image Preservation, Library and Information Studies

International Activity

International Activities
Type of Activity
Study abroad
International Certificate
Sciences Po
Extended Residence in Foreign Country
Speaks Non-English Language
Yes (French)

Professional Preparation(Education & Training)

Dates Institution Location Degree Field of Study
2009 - 01/2014 University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI PhD Communication Arts (Film Studies)
2007 - 2009 University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI MA Library and Information Studies
2007 - 2009 University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI Certificate Archives and records administration
2005 - 2007 University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI MA Communication Arts (Film Studies)
2001 - 2005 Wesleyan University Middletown, CT BA Film Studies, French Studies
2003 - 2004 L'Institut d'etudes politiques (Sciences Po) Paris, France International certificate Social science

Memberships & Professional Activities

Dates Type Description Institution/Entity
2006 - 2009 Membership Member Society for Cinema and Media Studies
2008 - Present Membership Member Society of American Archivists
2009 - Present Membership Member Association of Moving Image Archivists
2012 - Present Professional Activity Co-Chair, Preservation Committee Association of Moving Image Archivists

Positions & Appointments

Dates Description Institution/Entity
01/2012 - 05/2013 Assistant Director & Curator, Moving Image Research Collections University of South Carolina
05/2013 - Present Interim Director, Moving Image Research Collections University of South Carolina

Recognition Awards, Honors, & Fellowships

Dates Type Description Foundation/Entity
2007 Award Risser Award for Outstanding Female Graduate Student Communication Arts Dept., UW-Madison
2009 Award Elliot Dissertation Award Communication Arts Dept., UW-Madison
2009 Award Mary Pickford Scholarship Association of Moving Image Archivists

Publications, Exhibits, Performances, & Productions

Books 0 Refereed Journal Articles 4
Non-Refereed Journal Articles 0 Refereed Chapters in Books 0
Non-Refereed Chapters in Books 1 Proceedings 0
Juried Exhibits, Performances, Productions 0 Non-Juried Exhibits, Performances, Productions 0
Invited Lectures 0 Other Works 0

List of Publications or Creative Works

Kuo, Jason J., Lee, Robert H., Johnson, Michael D., Heckman, CJ, Heather Heckman (2003). Active Dendritic Integration of Inhibitory Synaptic Inputs in Vivo. Journal of Neurophysiology 3617-3624
Suresh, Nina L., Ellis, Michael D., Moore, Jennifer, Rhymer, William Zev, Heather Heckman (2005). Excitatory Synaptic Potentials in Spastic Human Motoneurons Have a Short Rise Time. Muscle and Nerve 99-103
Heather Heckman (2008). Gray or Black? Howard Koch and the Elusive Architecture of the Hollywood "Lists". Mediascape
Heather Heckman (2010). Burn After Viewing, or, Fire in the Vaults: Nitrate Decomposition and Combustibility. The American Archivist
Heather Heckman (2012). The Cameraman and the Glamour-Puss: Cinematography and Technicolor Design in John Ford's DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK. Color and the Moving Image, Routledge

Awarded Externally-Sponsored Funding(Past Seven Years)

Fox Movietone News Digitization Project, Phase I (30000-FL10)
Sponsor:  National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Total Requested:  $259,332
Grant # PW-51427-13,05/01/2013 - 05/31/2015
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