Search/Browse Faculty Expertise

The Faculty Expertise Database was developed to foster research collaboration and to showcase the wide array of expertise and talent offered by the faculty of the University of South Carolina.

This searchable database allows faculty to share their areas of expertise with their colleagues and the wider world. You can search faculty research profiles by using research interest or expertise keywords (e.g. genomics, cognitive development or toxicology). Alternatively, you can search for a particular faculty member's research profile by entering his or her name. Searches are not case sensitive; entering Robert or RObeRT or rOBERT or robert will yield identical results.

Researchers may use the database to find potential colleagues for joint collaboration. The Faculty Expertise Database will also increase the public's accessibility to campus expertise and broadening the understanding of the university's research activities.

An International Activities Search has been added to the Faculty Expertise Database in USCeRA. The information is provided by faculty members responding to a survey about their international activity in the last five years. The database includes type of international activity (research, creative, teaching, service, study abroad, other), countries in which the activities occurred and/or the faculty member has lived, and foreign languages spoken.