Casey, Joanna

Associate Professor

My current research involves prehistoric Archaeology and ethnoarchaeology in Northern Ghana. I have an on-going archaeology project doing excavation and analysis at the multi-component Birimi Site near the towns of Gambaga and Nalerigu in the Northern Region of Ghana.My primary archaeological interest is in the origins and nature of early food production in West Africa. Toward that end, my technical specialty is the analysis of informal stone tool technologies.

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International Activities
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Ghana, Ethiopia, England
I conduct ethnographic and archaeological research in Ghana, West Africa and in Tigray, Ethiopia. I am just finishing a long term project on women's networks and small scale trade in rural Northern Ghana. I am starting a new project on pottery markets in northern Ethiopia.
Dept. of Archaeology, University of Ghana & Ghana Ntl. Museums & Monuments Board, Ghana; Dept. of Archaeology, University of Calgary (Ethopian Project).
Institutional Focus Areas
Social Sciences
Extended Residence in Foreign Country
Yes ()

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Undergraduates and Graduates
Interest Keywords
Ethnoarchaeology, prehistory, West Africa
Institutional Focus Areas
Social Sciences
Personal Focus Areas
Anthropology, Archaeology

Professional Preparation(Education & Training)

Dates Institution Location Degree Field of Study
1993 University of Toronto PhD Anthropology
1980 Simon Fraser University Archaeology
1987 Simon Fraser University MA Archaeology

Positions & Appointments

Dates Description Institution/Entity
1992 - 1994 Lecturer, Anthropology, University of Toronto
1994 - 1999 Adjunct Professor, Anthropology, University of Toronto
1995 - 2001 Assistant Professor, Anthropology, USC
2001 - Present Associate Professor, Antropology, USC
2003 Visiting Lecturer, Archaeology, University of Ghana

Recognition Awards, Honors, & Fellowships

Dates Type Description Foundation/Entity
2004 Award Two Thumbs Up Award, Office for Students with Disabilities
2004 Award Citation, University of Ghana
2007 Award Nominated for a Michael Mungo Graduate Teaching Award
2008 Award College of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor Professional Development Award
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