Ambler, Anthony Peter


Dr. Anthony Ambler, dean of College of Engineering and Computing. Dean Ambler has expertise in system design, test and quality of electronic systems, safety-critical electronic systems and condition-based maintenance (CBM) applied to electronics.

Biographical Profile

College Engineering & Computing, College of
Department Engineering & Computing, College of
Phone 803-777-6060
Tenure Status Tenured

Interest Background

Do you include students in your research?
Interest Keywords
Quality, economics, management, design, human factors
Institutional Focus Areas
Science and Engineering (Other)
Personal Focus Areas
Economics of electronic circuit design, Quality of electronic boards and systems, Engineering Management

Awarded Externally-Sponsored Funding as PI (Past Seven Years)

Proposal to Boeing Access to Education-Scholarship (15500-JJ00)
Sponsor:  The Boeing Company
Total Requested:  $7,500
01/02/2009 - 05/15/2016
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