Sponsored Awards Management Staff


Sponsored Awards Management
901 Sumter Street - 5th Floor, Byrnes Building
Columbia, SC 29208

Phone: 803-777-7093
Fax: 803-777-4136

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Thorp, Terry Business Manager 803-777-1367
Pre-Award Services                                                                          "Go To Departmental Assignments"
Coggins, Thomas Director 803-777-4456
Bakos, Lumi Senior Administrator 803-777-2274
Christmus, Dan Senior Administrator 803-777-4452
Etheredge, Steve Assistant Director, Policy and Compliance 803-777-4457
Harrison, Stephanie Grants Coordinator 803-777-5241
Martin, Allyson Grants Coordinator 803-777-2983
McElwain, Danielle Senior Administrator 803-777-1119
Perkins, Vonnie Sponsored Programs Administrator 803-777-5389
Ross, Linda Senior Administrator 803-777-5370
Tipton, Jeff Senior Administrator 803-576-5554
Wingard, Debra   Senior Administrator 803-777-4857
Post-Award Services
Epting, Kelly Director, Accounting and Finance 803-777-8411
Jamison, Daniel Senior Accountant 803-777-5401
Ravenell, Lucinda Senior Accountant 803-777-5262
Information Technology/Data Management                       
Amick, Sylvia  Administrative Assistant 803-777-1597
Feary, Bonnie   Research Budget Manager 803-777-2960
Kassianos, Debbie IT Manager / Database Administrator 803-777-6421
Marshall, Kristie Research Budget Assistant 803-777-5260
Oliver-Paull, Philip Senior Applications Analyst 803-777-4454
Technology Commercialization    Phone:  803-777-9515      Fax: 803-777-4136                   
Benicewicz, Pam Director 803-777-5458
Beverly, Tiffany Technology Management and Contract Associate 803-777-5406
Hardaway, Chad Associate Director of
Propst, John Marketing Manager 803-777-6420
Spotts, Patricia Associate Director of Patent Management 803-777-9394
Stuessy, Nid Office Manager 803-777-2568


Research Development
Haddock, Gayle Training Coordinator 803-777-1168
Herron, Beth Associate Director 803-777-2885
White, Richard Technical Writer 803-777-1568
Research Compliance     Phone: 803-777-7095      Fax:  803-576-5589
Coggins, Thomas Director, Research Compliance 803-777-4456
McWhorter, Arlene Administrative Assistant 803-777-7095
Johnson, Lisa IRB Administrator 803-777-6670
Undergraduate Research
Morris, Julie Director 803-777-4649
Schryer, Asheley Assistant Director 803-777-5522
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