Proposal Budget Preparation Guidelines

1.  Proposals from the University are submitted to the sponsor through the University of South Carolina.  Exceptions are proposals to sponsors whose guidelines indicate that the application must come from an institution with a 501(c)(3) status. Applications such as these should be submitted through the South Carolina Research Foundation.

2.  Budget must be prepared in whole dollar amounts.
3.  Refer to the External Agency Forms and Guidelines for proposal preparation.
     For  Example:
  • Electronic (, Fastlane, etc.) vs. hard copy
  • Definition of budget categories
  • Format & forms for budget  
  • Allowable costs
4.  Check SAM Pre-Award Services SCRF/USC Business Information web page for Sponsor requested institutional information.

5.  SAM requires a minimum of three (3) business days to review a proposal in order to  insure successful submission prior to sponsor deadline.

6.  Application Instructions/Guidelines:  If the proposal is being submitted to a non-federal agency or to a special "one-time project" within a federal agency, please send SAM the application instructions three (3) days in advance of your proposal. This is particularly important for foundations, professional societies, smaller special interest organizations, industry programs, or for RFP's. Receiving the information in advance will enable SAM to review such things as allowable overhead rates, special restrictions, unusual contract terms, and other unique requirements and to ask any questions prior to proposal submission. This will allow for a more speedy processing of the proposal. 

7. If  USC is to be a subcontractor to another entity, a proposal must be submitted through the Office of Sponsored Awards Management to the proposed grantor.  Guidelines from the original funding agency must be followed.

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