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The institutional base salary for faculty is determined by the specific type of academic appointment and does not include bonuses (HR1.77 policy) or salary supplements (HR1.79 policy).

NIH  - salary cannot exceed the established NIH Salary Limitations.

Total percentage of effort (teaching, grant(s), consulting, etc) cannot exceed 100 percent.
  1. Summer salary = (base salary / base appointment period ) X summer time worked.

Example:   9 month faculty member working 3 summer months

Salary divided by 195 days = daily rate
Multiply daily rate X the number of summer days to be worked (e.g. 65 days).
( $80,000 / 195 ) X 65 = $26,667

  NSF:  Summer salary for faculty with academic-year appointments is limited to  two summer months.

  1. Consulting on USC Projects:  USC personnel that are acting as consultants on a funded project must be identified in the  "Personnel" line item (not under "Consultant" line item).

    Federal funds may be requested in unusual cases for effort that is over and above normal work load and across departmental lines. However, this request must be specified & justified in the grant proposal and approved in writing by the sponsoring agency. 
            See Section J 10 d.(1) of OMB Circular A21
  2. Release Time:  Release time during the academic year is indicated as the percentage of time or number of person months to be spent on the project and justified as such.
Post Doctoral Associates
Salary determined by College/PI

Graduate Assistants
  1. Salary is determined by College/PI.

  2. The minimum and maximum number of work hours per week for graduate assistants are 10 and 20, respectively.  A full-time graduate assistantship is calculated as twenty hours (20) per week.  The percent effort for full-time graduate assistants can be specified in the budget as either 100% or 50%  as long as it is clearly defined in the budget justification.

  3. If a Graduate Assistant is not enrolled in a graduate course while working on the project, he/she must be paid as a temporary employee.

  4. The total cost of the Student Work Experience should include salary (at level established by department in accordance with Graduate School policy) and appropriate fringe benefits and tuition (tuition guide or fee schedule).
  5. See USC Procedures for Externally-Sponsored Graduate Student Work Experience (for U.S. Citizens or permanent aliens only).

Technical / Administrative Staff
  1. See SAM guidelines in the Allowable Expenditure Memo for determining allowability of administrative or clerical salaries in federal grant and contract proposals. 

  2. Temporary Grant Positions:   See HR1.85  A temporary grant employee  who works at least 30 hours a week may  be eligible for health, dental and life insurances, and retirement;  however, actual benefits will be determined by the principal investigator/project director and budgeted accordingly.

  3. Temporary Help [Unclassified, Students during Summer (when not enrolled and attending classes)].  - a full-time or part-time employee who does not occupy an FTE position, whose employment is not to exceed one year. [ADd IDA's statement]

Non-USC State Employees
Non-USC State Employees are individuals who are employed by other State   agencies and who are paid from the "Personnel" line item.
  1. Compensation must be calculated per employing agency salary.  Associated fringe benefits are applicable and should be budgeted accordingly.
  2. A letter providing written authorization from the employee's supervisor must be included in the proposal package.
Fringe Benefits
Fringe benefits are the required employer match to an employee's fringe benefits contribution and includes all benefits for which an employee is eligible to receive.  The appropriate level of benefits for each employee must be charged.

Be sure to check the SAM web site for the current USC Fringe Benefit Rates with each proposal preparation as rates are subject to change.
  1. To calculate fringe benefits during an academic year, multiply the health insurance amount by the percent effort or effort in person-months of  the employee. 
  2. Health Insurance is not charged during summer months for faculty with academic appointments that are less than 12 months.

  3. Click to open a fringe benefit calculator.
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