Proposal Award Processing Form
  1. Proposals should be submitted via USCeRA three (3) working  days prior to review proposal.  This is the minimum time required to insure a complete review and University endorsement.

  2. Deadline Date - Be sure to include identification of mailing or receipt date on form.

  3. Signatures are required from all department/colleges in project.

  4. Check SAM Proposal Development -> SCRF/USC Business Information - Sponsor requested institutional information.

Frequently Used Documents
  1. Indirect Costs Rate Agreement
  2. SAM Allowable Expenditure Memo
  3. USC Federal Income Tax Exemption Letter
  4. SCRF Federal Income Tax Exemption Letter
  5. SCRF Board of Directors Information
  6. USC Financial Statements June 30, 2005 - Audit Report   
  7. SCRF Financial Statements June 30, 2005 - Audit Report
  8. SCRI/SCRF Articles of Incorporation & Amendment
USC / SCRF Business Information

This link contains important numbers and dates (e.g., EIN, DUNS No., Inst. Code, IRB Assurance of No., congressional District, etc.)
SCRF/USC Business Information

Selected Agency Forms (External)

Includes external agency links and forms for selected funding agencies.

Internal SAM Forms

Includes internal SAM links and forms for completing and processing grant applications.

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