Sponsored Awards Management

  Assisting faculty and staff in identifying and obtaining funding for research and other sponsored projects.

Important Announcements

NIH Requires Use of RPPR for All SNAP and Fellowship Progress Reports, and Expands RPPR Functionality

Research.gov is Becoming NSF's New Home for Project Reporting

NSF Grant Policy - Significant Changes Related to Cost Sharing and Data Management

INTERNAL DEADLINE for Submitting Proposals - Three Business Days
The Office of Sponsored Awards Management (SAM) is committed to assuring the timely submission of complete, accurate and excellent proposals. To achieve this, it is critical that SAM receive proposals in sufficient time to provide adequate review and allow for the additional processing time associated with electronic submissions systems (e.g. Grants.gov). Interfacing with these electronic systems has improved many aspects of grants administration, but SAM is encountering increased challenges related to a last minute rush (literally) of proposals submitted with the assumption that only "pressing a button" is required to complete the submission process. This assumption has resulted in numerous "near misses" and one large proposal was rejected for missing the agency deadline by minutes.

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